17 Reasons Why this Summer was Awesome!

Sometimes you just have to remind yourself what you have accomplished and where you want to go (with clickbait tactics like a listicle). Here’s a look back at my life from May-September and what I loved most about that time (in no specific order).

1. Saw my friends (see Fantastic and Random Weekend post). But I also went to birthdays, celebrated promotions, had sleepovers and went to brunches.

2. Graduated from my Masters degree program!

3. Saw my family.

4. Read a lot!

5. Became even more Outlander obsessed than I already am!


6. Had a job promotion!

7. Went to Niagara falls! Here’s a few pictures!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

8. Went to a baseball game (first professional one in my adult life).

9. Surprise parties! 😉

10. Moved and now have the chance to save money (no more living alone)

11. Joined a gym (5k life)

12. Met new people.

13. Helped a friend in need.

14. Mermaid Parade!

15. BEA!!!!

16. Went to the beach!

17. Realized I still don’t know everything and I have time to figure it out.


What did you do this summer? What are you looking forward to this fall? Leave a comment!

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