Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Proves that Americans Care About Education

If you needed any proof that what Reading Rainbow is doing will change lives, look no further than their Kickstarter Page, which pushed $400,000 over their stretch goal of $5,000,000 to become the most well-funded, highest-backed Kickstarter Campaign in the website’s history. If I calculate correctly, starting at $4 Million, Seth MacFarlane agreed to match up to $1 Million in donations, so the total raised is $6,408,600! It’s amazing to think that their original goal was just $1,000,000 (which was raised in 11 hours, by the way). I was keeping up with these numbers every day, continually astonished that so many people have rallied together to support this amazing cause.

This project seems to be much more than a nostalgia trip. I believe that it also means we as a community are invested in education for millions of children in the U.S. For all the articles I read about budget cuts and poor funding in schools, it really makes me happy to see over 100,000 backers get involved. A community effort indeed. I am hopeful that we will see the effects of this Kickstarter project for years to come in kids who enjoy reading.

I’m extremely proud to be a backer.

Reading Rainbow Screenshot

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