Nerdy Weekend: Captain America and Game of Thrones

I love weekends like the one that just passed where I can bask in the glory of nerdy things and be around people who feel the same. It’s actually what inspired this blog in the first place!

Captain America opened this weekend and it definitely did not disappoint. The movie was action packed from start to finish and I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster the whole time. It was funny, heartbreaking, morally ambiguous, mysterious, and all around had what I love in action movies (Chris Evans lol/jk/not really). Also, plenty of gratuitous scenes where Chris Evan’s arms are in full view…hmmhmm! I cannot think of one negative thing to say! Even Entertainment Weekly put The Winter Solider as the best Marvel movie so far! So fuck yeah, Captain America!

Captain America Poster
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Poster

Apparently, Captain America is going to die. If you are upset, you are not alone. Knowing ahead of time doesn’t make it any less tragic. Chris Evans is contracted for six Marvel movies, while Sebastian Stan is contracted for nine. According to this article, it is speculated that Captain America will die after the third film and Bucky Barnes will take his place, hence the nine contracted films. This is devastating! I hate hearing about a hero dying, especially one like the Cap! It just seems so final, and it’s unheard of in superhero movies.


Speaking of heroes dying…GAME OF THRONES returned! The hype for this season premiere was outrageous! My entire Twitter feed on Sunday was GoT related, and I did not mind a bit. My friend and I were going to drink some GoT beer to celebrate, but I was scared to venture out to Whole Foods on a Sunday, you understand.

For this season, I read ahead in the books (finishing book three, A Storm of Swords in March), so I know basically what is going to happen and I am beyond excited! I have no doubt that the creators of the show are going to deliver amazing television.

GoT S4 Poster
Game of Thrones Season 4 Poster


What I love most about these two things is that the fans can be unabashedly fanatical. It’s really great to be a part of these communities where people are so open and vocal about something they love. Today I had a conversation with someone who just started GoT and she is so excited about what happens next after finishing the first season! It was great to be able to share that fandom moment. And our friend was listening in and asked what it was about (which turns out to be extremely difficult to explain…how did I hear about it anyway?). I said it’s “like medieval England except more gruesome and everyone is trying to be the next king and it’s so much more complicated and amazing than I could ever explain, so you should just watch it.” The more people I can get to watch, the better!

Until the next episode…


One thought on “Nerdy Weekend: Captain America and Game of Thrones

  1. I understood that “The Winter Soldier” was a transitional film. I’m happy to see anyone trying to take on the “Freedom vs Security” issue. It didn’t have the same pure pleasure or focus as the first Captain America film, but I’ll hang in for the next chapter.

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